PrEP doublespeak and the manipulation of the politically correct use of the word “stigma”

By | 14th January 2018

“Stigma” was the gay (ill)health organisations word of the year 2017, “fake news” was the word of the year for the rest of society. Since the 1980s with the AIDS epidemic unprotected/bareback/condomless sex was highly stigmatised in the gay community and rightly so. Having gay anal sex without a condom was not only foolish but reckless and putting you and your partner at risk of HIV and other STIs and a path to death. This was a great safe sex strategy socially, morally and inspired a sense of community action that you wore a condom every time to protect yourself. You took control.

However as ARV drugs began to prolong the life of anyone who was HIV positive in 1996 and HIV positive men began to take control of LGBT HIV prevention strategies they began unravelling the years of good work in getting gay men to wear condoms and have now created the term “PrEP stigma” which also means “bareback stigma”. This will be the word of 2018.

Remember they have a bareback agenda, they hate condoms and want you to hate condoms to, they want to normalise unprotected sex which they have renamed “condomless” sex in the doublespeak world of gay ill health. Which of course is hiding the truth that you are putting yourself at risk of other STIs even if you take PrEP.

In 2018 you will have PrEP and unprotected/condomless sex presented as a “choice” in the toolshed of deception. If you disagree with gay men not using condoms you will be silenced with the doublespeak of “PrEP stigma” and “bareback stigma” as you are of course a “condom nazi”. They will always have a handy politically correct term to silence your opposition to bareback sex, going to extremes that you are a self hating gay man who isn’t living life to the full.

You would think LGBT organisations would be promoting condoms in a time when STIs are ravaging the gay community once again due to the lack of condom promotion in the past 15 years but no! It’s bareback all the way as it’s a “choice” and not to be “stigmatised”. Utter lunacy. You can’t hurt the barebackers feelings.

It is heartening to read in comments on social media posts that gay men are not being sold this bareback stigma nonsense while HIV positive men in these organisations are hell bent on getting us all on PrEP and barebacking. Why are they doing this? Simple, to make them feel better about their status that their barebacking and hatred of condoms wasn’t a foolish bad choice that needed to be stigmatised. This is putting the sexual health of all gay at risk with their sexual liberation ideology and doublespeak.

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