The myth of ending HIV through testing during COVID-19 lockdown

By | 7th May 2020

The gay ill health unprofessionals are obsessed with the idea of “ending HIV”. Without a cure or vaccine it’s an unobtainable goal which keeps them in their gay ill health job. Their (flawed) strategy is based somewhat on “herd immunity” and they see COVID-19 lockdown as an unprecedented opportunity to end HIV. If everyone tested for HIV and those who were infected got on treatment and became undetectable we could “break the chain” on transmission. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? However reality isn’t so simple.

Take a step back and think about what they are saying. It soon becomes apparent how ridiculous this is.

  1. You would have to test everyone is the UK, which is over 60 million people. Remember the gay ill health experts always bang on heterosexuals being affected by HIV too so you couldn’t just confine it to gay men, black people, drug users, trans etc. if you wanted to “break the chain”.
  2. Testing doesn’t always show up a recent HIV infection, there is a “window” unless you use more expensive testing procedures. Therefore those tested would have to refrain further from sex for a period of time to get an accurate result.
  3. No one in the UK would be able to travel out of the UK and no one would be allowed into the UK. Or…
  4. You would have to compulsory globally test 7 billion people
  5. The concept that all HIV positive people can achieve and maintain an undetectable status is untrue for a variety of reasons.
  6. It only takes one person to not test and spread the disease. Some individuals infect many others.

We are constantly told by the gay ill health unprofessionals that “condoms alone won’t end HIV”. However, from an individual perspective, protecting yourself and consistently using a condom WILL protect you from HIV and other STIs, which are becoming untreatable. Avoiding predatory gay men who hate condoms and will try to coerce you into bareback sex is a great strategy.

Testing won’t protect you personally from HIV infection. “Break the chain” of YOU being infected and wear a condom.

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