2020 The sexual health battleground of the woke elite

By | 29th December 2019

2019 will go down as the year when condoms were erased from gay mens sexual health by the poz privileged woke elite in the gay ill health sector and their gay media buddies.

Why were condoms erased from the safer sex message? Well, you need to be re-educated that it’s a lot more complex than simply wearing a condom. There are plenty of different strategies and a “combination” approach.

PrEP, U=U and testing, these are the real game changers which will end HIV, it’s claimed. The days of the humble, pleasure denying, intimacy impeding condom are numbered. So why even mention condoms  at all, unless to undermine them by pointing out that they they work 70%, 80%, 90% of the time if there’s “user error”.

Communication and trust are now at the forefront of safer sex strategies. Gay men never lie. If you don’t trust you are a self hating homosexual full of internalised shame about your sexuality. If you are infected by HIV you are just unlucky. Find out early and it’s good news say the gay ill health heroes because you were responsible, got tested and now can take life saving meds and in time become undetectable and uninfectious. No hated condoms required from now on. In fact you will live a longer life than a HIV negative gay man due to the neverending hospital visits, what could be better news than that!

We had bizarre campaigns directed at minority communities where you could look after and protect your community by testing. No mention of condoms being a very good idea as well. The year ended with a panel discussion with a HIV positive porn star asking charity ambassadors on PrEP “Would you let me cum inside you?”. Which was met with an enthusiastic “Yes!”.

So what’s new for the brave new decade of 2020 in the woke world of sexual health?

Well there will be lots of whining about PrEP not being rolled out. With claims that the vulnerable barebacker will be at risk of infection because the wicked NHS have limited places. Despite the fact there there are plenty of places currently. Only 16k trial places have been taken out of the 26k available. In 2020 the demand will be PrEP for all who “want” it for gay liberation rather than those who “need” it .

The real push in 2020 will be to “destigmatise” unprotected or “condomless” sex. Yes the gay ill health sector will be fighting the bareback stigma! Why? Because HIV positive gay men suffer horribly from guilt and shame about their previous sexual behaviour which was, until yesterday, considered foolish and “high risk”. Their mental pain due to this “self-stigmatising” must be eased. Destigmatising high risk activities will be such a success that swathes of barebackers will be brought into sexual health clinics to get “help” and PrEP or test positive and their life “saved”.

Campaigns will focus on “the sex you want” hint hint! Do whatever you want to do! Hint hint. The gay ill health sector is here to help you navigate your way round the complex strategies regarding your sexual health. The word “risk” will also be erased as it’s too triggering and stigmatising. Sex isn’t about risk its about “sex positivity”. All code words for “ditch the condoms”.

Will you fall for the bareback agenda of the poz privileged woke elite who hate condoms? They erased condoms from the safe sex message in 2019. Will you erase them for yourself in 2020?

Will you fall for the myth of “sex without fear” and believe that trust is a safe sex strategy and even that “everyone is safe”. Will you do whatever you want to do without shame or guilt? Codeword no condom required.

Will you swallow the claim that PrEP, U=U and constant testing will save you from HIV and that other STIs are nothing to worry about? Will you just ignore the naysayers who are concerned about drug resistant HIV and STIs?

freedomDoes the gay ill health sector really care about your sexual health? Or is your sexual ill health just a funding opportunity. There’s literally no money in for them promoting condoms. So they erased them. They will erase your sexual health too and make you a profitable victim if you ditch the condoms. Get woke and your sexual health will be broke!

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