PrEP: harm reduction or gay liberation from the evil condom?

By | 8th October 2017

The whole campaign for PrEP has been a complete and utter disaster. Ill thought out and implementation across America and Canada has been sold as taking a pill, abandoning condoms or carrying on barebacking without a care in the world. All other STIs are solvable. They really opened a Pandora’s box.


The issue is the small group of people in charge of what HIV prevention and sexual health means. If you have an array of HIV positive chemsex bareback apologists leading HIV prevention things are only going to go one way – a bareback agenda. As highly traumatised gay men who have failed in their sexual health they seek to normalise unprotected sex within the gay community, it must not be “stigmatised” and they wish to “deshame” it. They have renamed it “condomless” sex.

This bareback agenda has nothing to do with HIV prevention but more to do with validating their previous sexual adventures as not a “mistake” but simply the actions of a “flawed” gay man navigating his way through the complexities of gay life. It is abdication of all responsibility. Responsibility strangely only comes along with testing frequently so HIV infection is detected and pills taken to reduce the possibility of spreading the disease and to remain, supposedly, in good health. How good of them.

Remember when you hear these gay men speak they are highly traumatised with serious mental health conditions who, if we didn’t have such a politically correct world, would play no part in HIV prevention to HIV negative men. They would be relegated to a HIV positive/chemsex/bareback addicted self help group to help them with their mental health issues. They would not be allowed to spew their pro bareback anti condom message or non judgemental “choice” peddling.

In this video, if you read between the lines, this doctor seems to be very worried how this bareback agenda has gone down so far in the USA and Canada. The “toolbox”of prevention thrown out of the window and pill popping and barebacking the new order of the day in a condomless world. Why would he be worried? The gay (ill)health organisations see this as liberation for gay men, like the pill was for women?

Now we have talk of “harm reduction” and “targeting the right population” while here in the UK Prep bareback enthusiasts want PrEP for all that want it!

Reading between the lines this doctor is very concerned about the over prescription of PrEP and gay men who would otherwise use a condom abandoning them in favour of PrEP. The explosion of other STIs evidences this. Why is this a bad thing when we are told that condoms only work 70% of the time and PrEP 99% (these stats have been manipulated to push PrEP)? Isn’t PrEP the better “choice”?

The reason why there is concern, which no one is willing to speak about, is because there are strains of HIV which are resistant to the medication. These are growing and affect Truvada which is in PrEP and is the first line of treatment for HIV infection. It only takes a few “flawed” gay men who miss doses or stop start PrEP and be infected with HIV to cause drug resistance and if this is not caught early it will spread like wildfire within the newly liberated mass bareback community.

PrEP has been sold as a vaccine which it simply isn’t by the gay (ill)health organisations and as a harmless medication “tolerable” like aspirin when it really isn’t. It’s powerful medication to treat HIV infections not for a bareback bonanza of the self destructive bareback community. We compare it not to the contraceptive pill but antibiotics. You wouldn’t give a bareback sex addict antibiotics to stop STIs before he has one as the medication would eventually fail for everyone it would benefit.

Isn’t it about time the truth was told? That the bullshit political correct bareback agenda of “choice” is finally consigned to history and PrEP is truly seen as “harm reduction” for a short period of time for the mentally ill barebacker?

This however will never happen, we will get weasel words from the gay (ill)health organisations who are led by very traumatised conflicted flawed gay men, who hated condoms, it’s the reason they are positive, and condoms are a triggering sign of their shame and guilt. They want a post condom world. Shame on them.

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