The evil undermining of condoms

By | 17th August 2017

condoms and lubeOne of the ways the most devious of the PrEP advocates have pushed their agenda is by spreading false fears about condoms. They claim they are somehow unsafe and unreliable. These people are evil.

There have been countless articles about how gay men are able to “f*ck without fear” for the first time due to PrEP. As if that wasn’t possible by just putting on a rubber. Furthermore, the condom doesn’t only protect against HIV. There is less risk of contracting a whole array of sexually transmitted infections. Aren’t they “fearful” of those when going bareback? It’s odd…

And the suggestion rarely seems to be PrEP with a condom. The agenda of some of the (ill)health unprofessionals is clear and always has been. They want more gay men barebacking because that’s the sex they crave personally and for the last 35 years it has been “stigmatised.” Quite rightly so. It was, and still is, an almost guaranteed one way ticket to ill health. You may end up HIV+ and even if you take PrEP the longterm effects of those drugs on health are unclear. If you don’t use a condom and have many partners you will be a regular at the local sexual health clinic and taking antibiotics regularly (again this isn’t a healthy existence).

Even in a gay relationship you may not be safe if you go raw. A significant number of HIV infections occur amongst gay couples who have given up condoms, due to cheating partners.

“But your mum and dad didn’t use a condom,” the prepsters scream. Well not on the day we were conceived. Possibly they did the rest of the time as a form of contraception. But most of our parents weren’t having dozens or hundreds of different partners every year. Quite probably no other partners at all in fact. And they were unlikely to be having anal sex.

Some fervent Prepster-barebackers claim that a majority of gay men fail to use a condom every time. That, they suggest, means that condoms are pretty much useless as a method of prevention for HIV. We think this is based on the kind of phony, manipulated surveys of which gay organisations are so fond (“we surveyed 1000 alcoholics at boozy pride events nationwide and discovered that gay men and lesbians are more likely to have a drink problem. Now can we have some funding to ‘help’ with this?”).

The large number of gay men who are aged in their 40s, 50s and 60s who have been using condoms for decades are proof that condoms are highly effective at preventing the transmission of HIV. Think about it: the virus only needs to get through once.

If condoms are so unreliable then why, 20 years ago, was the advice from the gay health charities that we should f*ck with positive men and not discriminate, because a condom would keep us safe? In those days HIV+ men weren’t “undetectable” for the virus.

In some cities in the United States more than 50% of black gay men are HIV+. A tragedy and that is what happens when the condom message doesn’t get through. Fortunately it did here in the UK and in our worst hotspots for HIV, such as London, Brighton and Manchester around 7% of gay men are reckoned to be positive.

Think about it… If condoms are unreliable and most gay men don’t use them consistently, and bearing in mind that the virus only has to get through once, how can it be that the worst UK cities have such a low infection rate compared to the worst US cities? Something doesn’t add up. Namely the propaganda of the Prepsters.

Here is a bullshit article of that kind in Attitude. Based on a survey by GMFA (excuse me while I stop laughing) it claims that “almost two-thirds of gay men barebacked the last time they had sex.” Who are the “gay men” who were surveyed?

Most condom failure is down to user error. Why is flawed condom use so often compared to perfect PrEP pill popping? When in fact we know there are huge problems with gay men taking the drugs as instructed.

Undermining the decades of work that was done to get gay men using condoms, just because it suits a twisted bareback agenda, is a truly evil thing to do. It may put all of us at greater risk in years to come if drug resistant HIV and other STIs flourish in the gay community due to less condom use. It’s PrEPaganda.

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