The half-truths and propaganda which may leave you HIV+ for life

By | 17th August 2017

In an article on the GMFA website, David Stuart, the wellbeing programme curator for 56 Dean Street is quoted:

“I do want people to trust that you can’t catch HIV from an undetectable HIV-positive person. HIV-positive people on treatment are awesome, sexy, healthy people who represent no HIV risk to our communities at all, and do not deserve the rejection and stigma they often receive, particularly in hook-up culture and online. Undetectable equals uninfectious.”

Gay Men Against Prep urges you to think more deeply and not accept idealistic propaganda of this kind.

For 35 years it has never been a good idea to trust a gay man who told you “I don’t have HIV.” Instead the advice was to take responsibility for protecting yourself and use a condom.

Why would you trust a man who says “I am undetectable for HIV?” You can’t… We should assume that every gay man we meet could have HIV and may be infectious, whatever he says, and for that reason we insist on a condom being used. If he does happen to be undetectable then that is a bonus.

How many young, impressionable gay men will become HIV+ because of GMFA articles like this one?

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