How many gay men have become HIV+ because of PrEPster propaganda?

By | 1st August 2019

Supposedlynine gay men are known to have seroconverted since being put on a waiting list for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) at a single Manchester clinic.”

But, on that note:

How many gay men have became positive because an MP and PrEPsters said on TV, completely falsely, that places on the PrEP Impact Trial were full up? Why would anyone bother going along to sign up to the Trial if they thought there were no places left?

How many gay men have became positive because they didn’t bother using condoms because of evil lies about them being “unreliable”. Lies from gay (ill)health (un)professionals who were desperate to push PrEP and bareback sex? How many because these sinister, manipulative individuals failed to promote condoms as much as they could have done for more than a decade?

Two can play these rather pathetic games…

And finally, why didn’t those gay men try a different clinic in the Manchester area and why didn’t they use condoms at least until they received PrEP? They should have taken responsibility for their own health…

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