Concern over multi-drug resistant HIV on the effectiveness of PrEP

By | 21st October 2018

This HIV specialist challenges many within the gay health sector and their notions on PrEP and STIs. The most worrying comment is about multi-drug resistant HIV which is becoming more common and will affect the effectiveness of PrEP in HIV prevention.

Many PrEP advocates state that PrEP will “work” as drug resistance to K65R in Tenofovir is rare. However here it’s the other drug in PrEP that is the concern: Entricitabine, as the resistant strain is a single classic mutation M184V, making transmission far more likely.

He concludes “we need to keep Prepsters under close monitoring also to make sure there is not an outbreak of multi-drug resistant HIV spreading among people on PrEP because that will be a public health disaster” Watch from 20 minutes.

We want you to be informed. Be very wary what the gay ill health unprofessionals aren’t telling you. PrEP is nothing like the contraceptive pill. That is misinformation. As always our advice is wear the reliable condom.

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