PrEP: An Evolving Disaster! Will you be clued up?

By | 25th March 2018

By now you will have read about the PrEP failure. A strain of HIV that was resistant to the medication in PrEP (Truvada) caused a gay man to become infected with HIV when he had sex without a condom with a man who was carrying that strain of HIV. It’s a tragedy as that gay man could have saved himself from becoming HIV positive if a culture of condom use was still advocated by the gay ill health sector.

The NHS is very explicit in saying that condoms should be used whatever your HIV status. However the gay media present that as “blunt”. They are in league with their pals in the gay ill health charities who wish to see us all barebacking on PrEP.

Ask yourself this question who do you believe will give you the best advice to keep you safe from HIV?

The NHS health professionals or the HIV positive condom haters? Those who have mental health issues due to being traumatised by their HIV infection and want you barebacking to ease their pain and shame? Remember many of these “leaders” are also recreational drug users who revel in the depravity of it all.

Why is this resistant strain of HIV significant and why are the HIV specialist doctors now concerned about widespread PrEP use?

Originally PrEP was seen as a way of getting the reckless barebacker into the healthcare system, give them counselling, get them to think about their sexual health and persuade them to use condoms consistently. They were seen as having mental health problems and PrEP was a temporary solutions with noble aims. Remember these drugs are strong medication and can cause kidney and liver failure and bone density issues, so a healthy person should not take them long term.

However the condom hating, bareback obsessed HIV positive (un)professionals in the gay health sector saw PrEP as a chance to increase the cesspool of gay men barebacking and to undermine condoms as “unreliable”. A disgraceful, evil distortion of the truth as condom are highly effective.

PrEP is not a vaccine, nor is it like the contraceptive pill, as frequently suggested by the gay ill health organisations. It’s more like an antibiotic and remember those fail as strains of STI become resistant. PrEP will fail the more barebacking occurs with human error in real world situations.

How will resistant strains of HIV to PrEP inevitably develop?

The theory that PrEP will “work” is based on two premises. Firstly that the patient will take his tablet on a daily basis, therefore there will be enough drug in the system to fight the HIV infection. Secondly that a mutation of HIV will not occur rendering the drug ineffective. Both premises may work in the short term but long term believing that PrEP will continue to work in real life situations is severely flawed and naive.

With a mass roll out of PrEP to patients who are chemsex addicts and others who have mental health issues, can they be relied upon to take the drug on a daily basis? Answer: NO. Firstly many are buying PrEP online and could already be HIV positive, therefore PrEP would be the wrong medication for them and cause a resistant strain which they could pass on. Secondly if you are tested and are HIV negative and take PrEP consistently you would not be protected against those HIV strains that are developing due to PrEP misuse.

The deception in statistics when it comes to the level of “protection”

The statistics of “protection” PrEP gives are all over the place from 86% to 99%. Some say the drug is only effective 44%. The truth is PrEP does not “protect” you from HIV infection. HIV will get into your system but the drug will zap the infection.

Any person reading that PrEP works 99% of the time would imagine that means that for every 100 times they are infected by a HIV positive man with a high viral load they would be “saved” 99 times. However that’s not how the percentages are calculated. It simply looked at a sample group who were on PrEP and not infected. Partners could be HIV positive, undetectable, HIV negative or even god forbid have worn a condom! So PrEP wouldn’t even be needed in many cases. You can quote statistics of “protection” – it’s irrelevant if you have bareback sex with a poz guy with a resistant strain.

HIV experts now say your level of risk is down to your “networks”. In other words are you having multiple encounters of bareback sex in the cesspool of the depraved? PrEP may not be effective. Chilling words. Not only that, your HIV infection will be harder to treat using secondary treatment option which are more complicated.

Why the so called “experts” won’t accept PrEP will be a disaster

Lets face it the gay ill health organisations are wedded to PrEP and their bareback ideology that condoms cannot “end” HIV and we need a biological intervention. They are absolutists and reject any opinion that PrEP will in fact be a disaster in the long term. As more barebacking will increase drug resistant HIV, along with other sexually transmitted diseases, anal cancers and general poor health for gay men.

What you can do to protect yourself and spread the word to the more naive gay men

The simple answer is wear a condom and avoid any nutjob who claims they are using PrEP and wants unprotected sex with you. Also avoid any gay man who claims to be undetectable and wants unprotected sex with you. These guys are troubled and are using you. You are disposable to them and just a way to get the sex they want. Whether they infect you with STIs is irrelevant to them. If your gay sex is based on anal sex and “breeding and seeding” a partner you really need to get some counselling, humanity, empathy and morality.


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