Barebackers will say anything to get the sex they want

By | 5th February 2018

You should never trust a gay man who wants unprotected sex, he will say anything to not use a condom with you.

Years ago the barebacker would say “Trust me I’m HIV negative”. However this strategy has now changed. A HIV positive gay man may say “Trust me I’m undetectable, you can’t get HIV from me” or alternatively he may say “Trust me I’m on PrEP” even though he is in fact HIV positive. It’s whatever suits him at the time, he is a confidence trickster.

Remember your sexual health is your responsibility and believing what a gay man tells you is not a safe sex strategy, whatever status he claims to be. The only way to keep yourself safe is to wear a condom every time. The barebacker does not care about his sexual health why should he care about yours?

Where did he go?

You can avoid the barebacker very effectively by simply stating confidently you wear a condom every time. They will run a mile and simply end any conversation online. It’s a great safe sex strategy, as they move on to try it on with someone else who might be a bit more gullible than you.


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