London gay media love promoting barebacking (AGAIN)

By | 28th November 2017

We have said it before and will say it again the London gay media love promoting barebacking and undermining condoms as supposedly “old fashioned”. They give the impression that the new generation of gay men are barebacking the living daylights out of each other or “struggle” with condoms and everyone is on PrEP. Gays have nothing to worry about other diseases as they are “solveable” (for now anyhow). That somehow constantly going down the clap clinic every 3 months is responsible and part of the “gay lifestyle”. They are trying to normalise barebacking within the gay community to support their bareback enthusiast buddies in the gay (ill)health organisations. Maybe they are “struggling” to get 10,000 mentally ill self harming barebackers on the PrEP impact trial? Who knows?

These metropolitan bareback promoters are completely out of touch with reality with a glimpse of the comments section, which they seem to be constantly deleting as they don’t fit with their bareback agenda.

It’s particularly disturbing to be promoting barebacking around World AIDS day as we remember friends and loved ones who have died. Their condom stigma is a sign of a gay media obsessed with superficiality, depravity and is downright dangerous. It’s not about being “hardwired” to wear a condom. It’s about common sense, decency, self respect and treating your partner with love and compassion. Condom stigma

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