Toxic relationships, toxic meds, toxic intimacy, toxic gay (ill) health charity advice

By | 22nd November 2017

Do you read articles from the gay (ill)health charities on sexuality and see that as the given norm? Well the best advice we can give you here at GMAP is don’t! Make your own way and find what’s comfortable and satisfying for you.

Remember many of the gay men at these organisations have never left the superficially, toxic, trivial gay scene. It has consumed their lives. Even though many have been left HIV+ through bad choices, reformed drug addicts, which they sexily rename “chemsex” they really can’t get over the destructive elements of the gay scene. They talk in riddles and politically correct nonsense. Articles are written with quotes from biased surveys that everyone is a cumslut barebacker having chemsex taking 18 cumloads a night at the local sauna. It’s all presented as normal, desirable and what gay life is all about. It’s not. It never was and never has been.

However because these individuals swirl in this bareback cesspool of disease and depravity they present it as normal. It’s their sad life. Which shouldn’t be judged or stigmatised. Do yourself a favour stay well clear of anyone who is like that.

The dating apps are toxic, remember that, they, as this video states, are there to exploit you and debase you to the lowest common denominator. They infantilise you to a commodity to be used, consumed and pretty much abused. That’s where PrEP comes in with the impression of “intimacy” the gay (ill)health charities bang on about of bareback sex. It’s toxic intimacy, a con trick of the exploitative marketeers, you are a pawn, a duped consumer. A drug can give you intimacy and pleasure? What nonsense. It does the opposite. “Sex without fear” they claim, its laughable. Tell that to the nurse at the clinic when you test positive to Hep C, Syphilis and all the other STI nasties. Remember the “bareback community” doesn’t care about you. That guy is just a dysfunctional gay who wants to get his end away, he doesn’t care about you and its certainly not “intimacy” as he shoots his load up you and heads for the door in 30 seconds.

What are you to do? This is the question only you can answer. But here’s some suggestions, get off dating apps, experience real life, meet real people, enrol on a course, get a hobby. You will meet gay people now who are out and proud and not closeted, that’s why the gay scene is dying on its arse and only the shallow bareback enthusiasts are left in the cesspool of doom seeking that ultimate cumload explosion from a muscle top which will never happen.

Read the gay (ill)health charity articles for what they are. Sad shallow scene goers who have no desire to give you advice on good sexual health. Deeply flawed individuals seeking validation for their depravity, who if you met them down the gay pub you would steer well clear of as they are on a continual self destructive path.

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