Why do the gay (ill)health charities portray the gay community as mentally ill?

By | 22nd October 2017

All through history gay people have been portrayed as hopeless, limp wristed queens, unable to cope with life, to be laughed at, pitied or more sinisterly seen as mentally ill. Thankfully homosexuality was no longer seen as a mental illness in the latter half of the 20th Century however the notion doesn’t go away for some.

Surprisingly homophobia is coming from the very charities that are supposed to portray us as strong, independent valuable members of society. Instead they want to portray us as mentally ill, suicidal even, in need of “help”. Their latest insidious campaign has resulted in doctors asking questions about your sexuality. If you say you are gay alarm bells will ring in the doctor’s head. They will think you are highly likely to be mentally ill, be a disease ridden barebacker, probably HIV positive, an alcoholic and a chemsex drug addict shooting up at the weekend. Even worse if you are visibly morbidly obese. How have they come to that conclusion when you walk innocently through the door with a strained muscle in your shoulder?

Well doctors have undergone LGBT awareness training through the gay (ill)health organisations. They have learnt about the “needs” of the LGBT community. Through their dodgy miniscule surveys, which aren’t representative of the gay community as they are taken on the gay scene, around boozy pubs and prides, the organisations “discover” that gays are (not surprisingly) alcoholics and also bareback obsessed, drug takers incapable of dealing with the issues life throws at them. They tell the docs that it’s all about internalised homophobia from years of society excluding us and the trauma of the tombstone moralising AIDS campaigns. Britain is the most liberal accepting country in the world. How strange. Why have the gay (ill)health organisations done this? What are their reasons for portraying the vast majority of us as having mental health issues to be pitied and “helped”?

It pays these charities to portray us all as “victims” and utilise the stereotypes of the past as true depictions of the gay community. There are massive funding opportunities in finding “problems”,  that gays that need “help”. Central government is scared to say no and be accused of homophobia. These surveys are not independent or representative but a snapshot of the problems of a minority of problem gays that frequent the cesspool that is the gay scene in 2019. However this is then extrapolated to be representative of gay people as a whole to grab the necessary funding.

It really is the big brother state, brought in by the gay (ill)health organisations to maintain their charity existence, to have a doctor ask a person their sexuality. It has no relevance whatsoever unless you actively want to stereotype a gay man as alcoholic, drug addicted, uncontrollable STI disease spreader in need of “help”.


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