Don’t believe the prep-aganda myths

By | 13th October 2017

A favourite line for the prepsters is that the rise in sexually transmitted infections isn’t due to less condom use because you can contract STIs from oral sex.

Gay Men Fighting AIDS (badly) writes that “clearly condoms play a huge part in preventing the transmission of lots of STIs” but “hands up if you’ve used a condom for every blowjob in your life? Yeah, didn’t think so.”

But conveniently this skates over the fact that in a world where there is less condom use for anal sex there will be more penises around that have an STI. Which will then get sucked and pass on a disease orally. That is how less condom use drives up oral infections.

Protect your sausage

If you tend to move in circles where men have bareback sex then, whatever activities you engage in, you are more likely to contract a sexually transmitted infection because these men are high risk for everything going.

Testing every six months to identify infections isn’t the answer to this problem. Particularly as the article is about antibiotic resistance. We need to avoid infections that require antibiotics. Both from a personal point of view (because we may become resistant) and for the benefit of the entire population.

A look at the stats for HIV infections over the last 20 years show how these organisations have failed miserably. But they continue with policies which stand to drive down condom use even further in the face of dangerous antibiotic resistance in coming years.

Are the people who write these articles devious, desperate to push a bareback agenda, or just a bit hard of thinking? We think they need to be removed from positions of influence and have public funding withdrawn.

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