Surveys aren’t science

By | 9th September 2017

The gay (ill)health organisations love jumping on survey results or research and then presenting them as scientific fact and social norms. You must remember they have a bareback agenda to rid the gay community of condoms.

Take this for example “We surveyed 500 HIV negative gay men who did not use condoms. They used communication as a safe sex strategy in the toolbox of HIV prevention. They always asked if their partner was HIV negative before they had condomless sex with them. None of the gay men were HIV positive after a year. We can now confidently say that you can trust a HIV negative man when he says he is HIV negative and he won’t infect you with HIV.”

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? However that’s exactly how the undetectable=untransmitable propaganda campaign goes. How do you know that’s the truth that someone is presenting to you? How do they even know that is the truth 6 months down the line from the last test? We surveyed 500 couples having 58,000 instances of condomless sex. They get very excited when presenting this information to you. These are surveys and research not scientific fact.

However couples are not the same as a single gay man meeting a stranger who tells you his safe sex strategy is being undetectable and doesn’t want to use condoms. Note that his safe sex strategy didn’t work and he is HIV positive. Do you trust him that he is telling the truth or even gives a shit? If he cared about your sexual health he would insist on using condoms as that is the right, respectful thing to do rather than pressurising you into unprotected sex.


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