Getting young gay men barebacking and not using condoms

By | 9th September 2017

Taking extremely strong medication when you need not, is never a good idea. But to get young impressionable gay teenagers to take HIV meds when a condom does the job is a shocking development.

Demonising condoms as ineffective, ignoring all other STIs and stating that PrEP is the solution for unprotected sex is irresponsible and negligent. The long term effects of these drugs are unknown but the effects on HIV positive people who have no choice are revealing them to cause liver and kidney damage, bone density issues along with the displacement of fat around the body.

Psychologically studies show that depression, anxiety, hyper vigilance are common. Who would prescribe a teenager these drugs and expect them to take them for the next 30-4o years? However the bareback dream of the gay (ill)health organisations ignore all these factors.

PrEP works for gay and bi teens too

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