The only safer sex strategy is “wear a condom” the rest is politically correct nonsense

By | 26th November 2016

The gay men in the gay (ill) health organisations really are triggered when someone suggests you “wear a condom” as a safer sex strategy. They really get their designer knickers in a twist. They are enraged that you can be so narrow minded! It’s as though it’s a personal attack on them and their “safer sex strategy” in their fictional “tool shed” of other bullshit “choices/options”. It’s why many of them are HIV positive, they didn’t wear a condom. It’s that simple.

However they will dream up whole list of nonsensical “safer sex strategies” to make themselves feel better that HIV transmission has nothing to do with not wearing a condom. They are living in a delusional wonderful gay scene fantasy world.

They will bang on about HIV testing but that won’t stop you being infected, that’s about reducing the spread of the disease in society. Communication is another ridiculous one, gay men lie about their status, which the gay ill health organisations will be triggered that its due to “HIV stigma”. It’s not. Gay men or people in general will lie to get what they want.

The worse excuse you will hear is “HIV can happen to anyone” as though it’s an airborne virus, Prepsters even compare it to malaria. Personal responsibility is a dirty word and everyone is a potential victim. As the societal norm of condom use has been eroded by the gay (ill) health organisations jumping on the PC bandwagon creating the normalisation of victimhood in the gay community the end result is muddled “safe sex strategies” which are endangering HIV negative men.

The pressure to abandon condoms in favour of PrEP is being sold along the same lines. That it’s politically correct that HIV positive men who do not want to use condoms have some kind of “gay right” and are “homoradical” and you are being old fashioned in your safer sex strategy. In surveys condom users are mocked and called “virgins”.

However most gay men cut through this politically correct libtard nonsense and shockingly “WEAR A CONDOM”. It must hurt these bareback promoters immensely.

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