The virtuous HIV+ gay man who can’t possibly do any wrong – and other dangerous myths

By | 9th July 2018

Dr Michael Brady from Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) writes

“To be honest I find it hard to believe that someone with HIV would lie about whether or not they are undetectable. One thing I’m sure of is the last thing someone living with HIV would want to do is to pass it on to someone else.”

Really? What about the hairdresser who was convicted recently for deliberately infecting several gay men with HIV? The guy who afterwards taunted them on the ‘phone about infecting them.

Apparently he thought he was no longer infectious because he had been drinking his own urine.

There must be other mentally ill or just plain evil HIV+ gay men around who are bitter about their status and determined to take it out on society and others? And psychopaths do exist.

“Psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot. The psychopath can appear normal, even charming. Underneath, he lacks conscience and empathy, making him manipulative, volatile and often (but by no means always) criminal.” Source.

Does that sound like someone who might pass on HIV deliberately? Yes it does! How will you spot him?

Some of us know of proven cases where an individual has knowingly infected a number of gay men. Who knows why he did it?

Quite a lot of gay men want raw sex and will say anything to get it. And remember, for years, the gay (ill)health organisations and dating sites have been telling narcissistic men that they are entitled to have the sex they want when they want it…

Perhaps a man was undetectable but isn’t any longer because he hasn’t been taking his meds? Will he mention it?

Unfortunately in the politically-correct-infected world in which we live it’s forbidden to suggest that certain “special” groups in society might be anything less than 100% honest, decent and perfect.

This highly dangerous thinking has brought us Asian paedophile gangs that were allowed to operate unhindered for years. And the idea that no HIV+ gay man could possibly be a “bad ‘un”.

While the police or right-on “health experts” turn a blind eye to what is going on, there will be victims. White teenage girls raped and gay men deliberately infected with HIV.

We don’t want you to become a victim. That’s why we write these articles.

Guess what, Asian men or HIV+ men are just like everyone else. They can be good or bad, honest or dishonest. Some are well balanced and others are dangerous psychos who will destroy you if given the chance.

The sooner people like Dr Michael Brady and THT stop writing naive, misleading, insane politically correct bullshit that puts people at risk so that some other group can be presented in a perfect light, the better.

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