There is no such thing as a “combination” approach to gay mens sexual health

By | 26th June 2018


The NHS is very clear, safer sex is using a condom. It’s that simple. For gay men, testing for HIV and STIs should happen on a 6 or 12 monthly basis, but testing is never a “prevention” strategy. It won’t keep you the individual safe from HIV or STIs. Testing is more about a collective responsibility to stop the spread of diseases.

However the condom hating so called “experts” in the gay ill health sector are having none of this. They insist the sexual health “landscape” has changed and we live in a “post condom world”. You, as an individual, need to be very wary of this conclusion or you could become a victim whose sexual health is seriously compromised by their bareback agenda. Their aim is for you to ditch condoms or at the very best regard them as an after thought after considering the other “combination” approach strategies.

Deviously they have separated HIV from other STIs and concentrated on what “HIV prevention” is and what they consider “works” as “protection” in that very narrow realm. Their “combination” sexual health strategy is built on trust, negotiation and belief in “science” (although it’s really just manipulated surveys to push a bareback agenda). This “combination” strategy is a false hope, a “fingers crossed and hope for the best” approach which could lead you to have serious long term sexual health infections and damage to your body.

Just as you wouldn’t trust a gay man if he said he was HIV negative and wanted to have bareback sex you should not trust one who says he is “undetectable for HIV” and that’s his “HIV prevention strategy” or “I tested for HIV last week and it was negative” or “I’m on PrEP”. Gay men lie to get the sex they want and in the age of apps and casual sex you may never see him again. So for him there are no consequences to him lying. Not like the old days when you would bump into him down at the gay bar.

Yet the gay ill health sector are pushing this “combination” approach as they wish to “destigmatise” unprotected – condomless – sex and normalise it in the gay community. So you, Mr Condom User, are isolated in the post condom world of the apps and are pressurised into “condomless” sex as your only option. And here is where PrEP comes in, as the social shift is to biological medical intervention and not behavioural change for the barebacker.

As absolutists the gay ill health sector are blind to the consequences they are creating, or simply don’t care. You decide. Many STIs are on the verge of being untreatable and rising in the gay community because unprotected anal sex without a condom is the greatest route for transmission.

Ask yourself why are they not greatly concerned about this, as antibiotics are about to fail? Why are they not promoting the hell out of condoms and highlighting that these diseases are a danger to your sexual health? Why do they concentrate on HIV “combination” prevention as “protection” and ignore all the STIs or give them a cursory mention?

Lets face it the gay men who are leading on gay men’s sexual health hate condoms, always have and always will, that’s why most are HIV positive. It’s not about protecting you Mr Negative from HIV or other STIs, its about driving down the number of gay men who reach for the condom on the bedside table. Creating the “post condom world” they desire, where you let poz guys “cum inside” you.

One thought on “There is no such thing as a “combination” approach to gay mens sexual health

  1. Ras

    Indeed and spot on. Some 15 years ago all safe/safer sex, condom-pushing campaigns from our “beloved“ HIV sector was replaced with Testing, Testing, Testing. We were told that normalising testing and testing regularly will drive new HIV infections down.
    Fast forward 15 years and in 2015 and UK had the highest number of gay men testing regularly. However what the UK also had was the highest number of new HIV infections in its history. David Stuart from 56 Dean Street, in his own words, said we were facing another HIV crisis. Is that a surprise? Well, testing for HIV is not a HIV vaccine nor a cure. Testing on its own never stopped anyone from contracting the disease. It only means you will find out if you are or you are not HIV positive. For the past 15+ years our HIV sector has been selling us (deliberately) a lie!
    And now, for the past few years we are being sold (by the very same HIV sector) another BIG lie! A Campaign “I can’t pass it on” from THT is not only misleading but completely based on misconception that undetectable HIV viral load in blood equals the same in the semen. Studies after studies in the past 10 years clearly state that “HIV can be detected in semen of men who have an undetectable viral load in blood”.
    “Rates of detectable HIV RNA in blood and in semen did not change much over the 10-year study period. Even in the most recent years of the study, when men were taking the latest antiretroviral combinations, 5% to 10% of men with undetectable viral load had detectable viral load in semen”.
    But how far our HIV sector will go to achieve their “destigmatizing HIV” agenda? Well, clearly a great length… even if it means lies, lies, and more LIES.


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