8 Ways to avoid the car crash gays and stay HIV negative and lessen your chance of STIs

By | 6th May 2018

So called gay “health” charities these days are full of car crash gays wallowing in their victim hood. Damaged gays who failed to take responsibility for their bad behaviour and poor lifestyle choices and became HIV positive as a result, or obsessed with barebacking. They wish the rest of the gay community wouldn’t “stigmatise” their behaviour. Here we give you several strategies to identify the train wrecks in the gay community you need to avoid to live a healthy gay existence.


1. Condom use

It should always be forefront in your mind that condoms not only protect you from HIV and other STIs but offer great protection from the car crash gay. Car crash gays have fetishised unprotected sex within the gay community, it’s their kink. It’s part of their self harming destructive behaviour. Saying you are a proud condom user you will avoid the car crash gay and their train wreck of a lifestyle. Sometimes the car crash gay sees this as a challenge and will use all kinds of devious manipulation to get you barebacking. You need to walk away from this situation or block the twat online.

2. Dating apps

Be very aware that a “profile” that a gay man puts online does not necessarily represent a true representation of that man’s character, lifestyle or morality. The car crash gay may have a butter wouldn’t melt profile on one dating site but another more sleazy one on another. It’s fun for them to deceive and manipulate you about their true self so they can prey on you. Set up a fake profile yourself on the bareback friendly dating sites, such as BBRT and see who is in the area. Car crash gays normally use the same user name or part of so it’s easier to direct other sleazeballs to their obscene profile and pics.

3. General unhealthy lifestyles

This is a big indicator of the car crash gay. Are they making other unhealthy lifestyle choices along with barebacking. Are they a heavy drinker, always on the gay scene getting pissed? Are they a smoker? Are they a drug user who spends the weekend slamming drugs in their veins? Do they generally look unhealthy? Barebacking is just part of their self destructive lifestyle and best to avoid as they will take you down with them.

4. Use of “politically correct” buzzwords

Remember the car crash gay is very manipulative and devious in their language and eager to pervert the liberal agenda for their own means. Terms are readily banded about like “slut shaming”, “judgemental”, “stigma” and “shaming”. These should be red flashing lights to you that this person is a car crash gay. Someone who takes no personal responsibility, has a destructive personality and is in turmoil in their life. They have no conscience, respect or morality within them and therefore desire you not to “shame” them when it is completely justified.

5. PrEP user

These are the most devious car crash gays of all. Gay men who take powerful anti retroviral medication to have unprotected sex and claim to be “responsible”. These gay men want to recruit you to the into the bareback cesspool and normalise unprotected sex that they deviously rename “condomless “sex. Remember prep users, studies show, are highly likely to have STIs and they don’t care about whether they infect you with them. In fact they abdicate all responsibility as they now claim you simply “acquire” an STI, diverting the blame squarely onto you. They have no empathy or compassion as that’s the “shared responsibility” and your “attitude to risk”. Don’t get burnt avoid these men.

6. Believing what a gay man tells you

Trust, respect and truth can be very hard to find within the gay community. The car crash gay will tell you what you want to hear to get the sex they want, unprotected of course. They will say they are HIV negative, undetectable, on PrEP. Don’t take what they say as the truth. Remember the car crash gay doesn’t have the same moral code as you, if any at all. Get to know someone first before jumping into bed with them. The car crash gays often lose interest and move onto their next victim, although some like the challenge of getting you barebacking. They see this as a major win. Part of their controlling bareback agenda.

7. Searching Social Media

Many dating apps have links to Instagram, facebook, twitter etc. You can do some research on the gay stranger you are meeting for the first time. Look at their posts, photos, friends. See what their interests are, what are they “into” and also what they say. You can gain a valuable insight into someone’s life by searching their social media profile. Remember the car crash gay can be pretty thick so they won’t assume you will do a bit of detective work. They wish to gain your trust and confidence to get you barebacking. You can easily catch their deception out by quizzing them subtly on a variety of issues. Attitude to condoms etc to see if it matches their other profiles. It’s human nature to be cautious, and rightly so. Don’t fall for them pressurising you into unprotected sex with whatever HIV status they claim to be, you are not stigmatising them if you insist on wearing a condom. It’s your health, your rules.

8. Wallowing in victimhood

The car crash gay will always be wallowing in their victimhood, blaming others for what’s going on in their lives. They take no responsibility for their own misfortunes. If you get involved with them they will twist and manipulate you into thinking their troubles are your fault. It’s you who has brought them down and it’s you that has the “problem”. Again they will use all the PC buzzwords, accusing you of “shaming” them, “judging” them and the magic word “stigmatising” them. The car crash gay will even say they are “self stigmatising” their own behaviour. That’s something called a conscience which they refused to recognise and realise that their bad behaviour is self destructive. If you get into this scenario leave this train wreck as they will bring you down with them. They will fuck you up.

In conclusion, take all these factors into account. Being gay and “liberated” is not a matter of having unprotected sex with multiple partners and taking a “cumload” for intimacy and pleasure as the gay ill health unprofessionals would like you to believe. This is a false identity of the gay community that these troubled men have created to reflect their own destructive path and now wish to inflict on the rest of us as “normal” and “aspirational”. Being gay is just a part of your life and sex isn’t the be all and end all of your identity. Stay safe, always wear a condom and enjoy your life.

One thought on “8 Ways to avoid the car crash gays and stay HIV negative and lessen your chance of STIs

  1. Brian

    Interesting site. When was this created?
    Personally I do like bareback from a strictly sensual point of view. It’s not a fetish for me. However I found that it seems to be that way for most guys who bareback, which is why I had to rethink going there. It’s an entire lifestyle that doesn’t just end at bareback. There really does seem to be a concerted effort to self destruct, seem rebellious or misunderstood, spread misery..whatever the case may be. But it certainly is not solely about extra sensation. This is the selling point to intice one into a much darker and more perverse world.


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