Condom Stigma – The Ultimate goal of the Prepstapo

By | 3rd April 2018

Use a condom every time

We all know the tried and tested script spewed out by the gay (ill) health unprofessionals. That PrEP is targeted at the poor vulnerable barebacker who is already at “high risk” of catching HIV because he can’t get it together to put a condom on. He refuses to do so because of his sexual desires and “pleasure” and he just can’t be persuaded to use condoms after years of moralising and fear inducing condom campaigns. What else are we to do? PrEP is the missing jigsaw piece in the armoury of gay mens sexual toolshed. How cruel and irresponsible to deny that gay man being saved from HIV! You condom Nazis it’s an individual’s personal choice! Cue puppy dog eyes to TV camera.

However the end goal of the Prestapo can be seen in Canada and the USA from this article where PrEP has been available for longer than the UK. What has developed is the normalising of unprotected sex or “condomless sex” as the Prepstapo say, as they redefine (incorrectly) the sexual health landscape. They have fought and won over “bareback stigma” and created the post condom utopian world they desire.

The Prepstapo claim 10,000 participants on the PrEP Impact Trial is only a fraction of the gay men they wish to “reach” and get onto PrEP, to “save” them from HIV. They want over 100,000. However a tipping point has occurred over the pond where if you are a condom user you simply don’t get any sex as everyone is barebacking on PrEP if HIV negative. They claim this is a great step forward as it’s “uniting” the gay community and breaking down barriers with the poz community. Now we can all now bareback together and have, cue the buzzphrase, “sex without fear”.

The Prepstapo have successfully created “condom stigma” their end goal, if you prefer to use a condom you go without. So the pressure is on to abandon condoms and join the new post-condom gay community. If you can’t beat them join them as the phrase goes. Condoms have been removed from the toolshed.

The result has been an explosion of other STIs which haven’t been at such rates within the gay community for decades. As we have seen recently untreatable Super Gonorrhea is with us along with Hep C now increasing among HIV negative gay men. We will also see more PrEP failures due to human error and mutating HIV due to all the barebacking.

In the UK we are nowhere near the “condom stigma” that exists in the USA and PrEP and barebacking is seen as a minority sport practised by troubled chemsex addicts as a drug of last resort. The Prepstapo have only been able to get 5,000 on PrEP so far and with Super G and PrEP failures they face a tough fight against the “bareback stigma” in the UK.

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