Vice writes about the threat from super gonorrhea

By | 2nd April 2018

A Vice article about the threat from super gonorrhea, which is now found in 50 countries around the world, and why we can expect to hear much more about this in the future.

Falling into the swamp

When people point out that PrEP doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) other than HIV, the PrEPsters and (ill)health unprofessionals love to point out that STIs can be transmitted by oral sex too. That’s true. Nevertheless, anal and vaginal sex without a condom are the main ways these STIs are transmitted.

As we’ve pointed out in the past, a lot of it is about the sort of men you associate with. When you meet a gay man who is into bareback sex, even if you use a condom with him or only have oral sex, you are still at higher risk of contracting all sorts of STIs than you would be with a man who always uses condoms. Bluntly, that’s because of where he has been putting his dick before he met you.

The “no-stigma” agenda that is being pushed heavily by the high-profile gay (ill)health (un)professionals, as they grin at you from the pages of magazines and websites, is designed to keep you having sex with these high-risk men because it’s this group the out-of-control (un)professionals themselves belong to.

These guys, who claim that PrEP means “sex without fear” will be some of the first in the UK to contract super gonorrhea, because of extreme and unhinged sexual behaviour. Along with the “helpless” ones we saw on TV, saying they needed PrEP from the NHS because they “couldn’t” put on a condom.

How will they cope with having a dripping, super-gonorrhea-infected dick that can’t be cured, with sex ruled out for months or even years?

The direction things are moving in is clear. Protect yourself by always using a condom. Even if you’re taking PrEP.

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