Trust, perceived knowledge and your “attitude to risk” are disastrous HIV prevention strategies

By | 3rd February 2018

Gay (ill) health charities have lost the plot and are now a danger to the sexual health of the gay community. They’re eager to foist crackpot HIV prevention strategies onto gay men.

Why do we call them gay (ill) health charities?

They would have you believe its a term of abuse from right wing bigots who are “condom nazis” and narrow minded. They would tell you there’s more to HIV prevention and your sexual health than simply saying “wear a condom”. This of course is complete bollocks. A narrative pushed by HIV positive gay men who hate condoms and who want all HIV negative gay men barebacking on PrEP with no questions asked about HIV status. It’s madness.

Undetectable=Uninfectious or Undetectable=Untransmittable?

For the past 35 years a bedrock of HIV prevention has been not to believe what another gay man tells you about his HIV status. “Trust me I’m HIV negative” – implying that we can fuck raw – was never part of any HIV prevention strategy pushed by the gay charities. But now this has gone out of the window a spart of the Undetectable=Uninfectious promotion by HIV positive gay men.

Now, the narrative goes, we should trust a gay man who is HIV positive and states he is “undetectable” for HIV. Therefore there is no need for a condom. That somehow a gay man who is HIV is somehow more virtuous, truthful and reliable than a HIV negative man, as he knows his “status”. This is lunacy.

Their manipulative condom free agenda is that you simply need to be “educated” about HIV in 2018 so you understand there is more to HIV prevention than using a condom. If you question these HIV positive gay men, who are paid to advise us on safe sex, they will abdicate responsibility and say whether you wear a condom is in your hands and all about your “attitude to risk”, how devious. The message is “take a chance”. This is why we say that the gay (ill) health organisations are run by unprofessionals who are experts in deflection, deception and selected truths.

But the question remains and is an inconvenient truth, which they refuse to answer:

How do you know that a HIV positive gay man is truly “undetectable”?

The status is simply a snapshot in time at the last check up and is just an indication that the medication is working. It’s not a license to bareback in the gay community, which is the way it is being sold by the condom haters.

Remember life isn’t black and white. Viral loads can increase, especially if you are continually barebacking, which these HIV positive men want you to do. If you pick up another STI or other bacterial infection, highly likely as they are rife in the gay bareback cesspool community, viral loads will increase.

The message is the same as it has been for the past 35 years and that is wear a condom for anal sex, or do other sexy things. Intimacy and pleasure aren’t defined by barebacking, “breeding” and “seeding”, which these evil superficial bareback promoters are obsessed with. That led to their HIV infection in the first place.

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