Canada’s second thoughts about PrEP implementation for all gay men

By | 4th October 2017

You won’t read any of these thoughtful concerns about the mass roll out of PrEP within the UK gay press. We have been stating them from the beginning of GMAP. The ideologically driven bareback agenda of the gay (ill)health organisations and their bareback friendly pals in the media like to keep things nice and simple.

This lack of analysis of the science of PrEP and the societal consequences are ignored, if not suppressed, in the desire for a “post condom world”. We have to “hope” not “fear”. It’s quite sinister that no doctor, in the article, will go on record for fear of being bullied, shouted down and persecuted as being a homophobe, slut shaming, condom nazi and a bigoted enemy of the gay community. There can be no healthy debate even within the medical profession.

To not inform the gay community of the side-effects, possible PrEP failure and the long term consequences the doctor is failing in his hippocratic oath to the patient. However with local gay (ill)health  organisations going into hospitals, clinics and doctors surgeries spewing “non judgemental” supposedly political correct agenda you can see how the real professionals and experts are being silenced as they fear losing their jobs.

Read this article to get a very balanced view of PrEP with analysis, as we have continually raised, rather than the superficial bullshit of the organisations that are supposed to be there to inform and protect you. Remember wearing a condom is the only true way of protecting yourself from HIV now and in the future to think otherwise is wishful thinking of the deluded bareback promoter who desires a “post condom” world.

Does PrEP, an HIV-preventing drug, make sense for gay men?



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