Conflicting dosing advice on PrEP

By | 19th August 2017

Lets be clear PrEP is not a vaccine against HIV. It is part of the myriad of drugs available to treat someone who is HIV positive and keep their viral load down.

In many respects PrEP is experimental in preventing HIV infection and PrEP users are guinea pigs in trials. Therefore you get very conflicting advice on dosing. No one really knows what is best to do and it really is a research project where you are a monitored guinea pig.

Option 1: You take PrEP every day and in this video you continue to take it 28 days after the last time you had bareback sex.

ConfusedOption 2: You take 2 pills, say on a Thursday and 1 each day through to Tuesday, when you are going to have a “wild weekend” of bareback sex say at a Chemsex party.

Option 3: Prepsters claim you can take it every other day to eek out your pills if you are a poor barebacker who can’t afford to buy PrEP.

The problem with this advice and the many mixed messages you are given is drug resistance. Truvada is the backbone of HIV treatment. As this video states if, while you are taking PrEP sporadically, you become infected with HIV your treatment options are more “complex”, limited and lets be honest, may not work.

The best advice is to wear a condom every time.

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