Don’t be shy about saying you always use a condom

By | 4th December 2016

Thumbs upStating clearly on your dating/hook up profiles that you always use a condom and that bareback sex will never happen helps you to stay safe and healthy. Here’s how…

Men who don’t use condoms are much more likely to contract HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Though some men who are already HIV+ use condoms, unfortunately many don’t. Then there are all the men who are untested, don’t realise they are already positive, and aren’t on treatment for it. These men can be highly infectious and not realise or care.

As soon as you start to have condomless sex you slip down into this pit of much higher risk for everything.

You are meeting men who in many cases don’t care about their health and have personality, self esteem and mental health issues. When they are troubled you can’t expect them to care about you.

In many cases these men don’t want to meet guys who use a condom. By stating clearly that you do every time, being out and proud as a condom user, you automatically avoid meeting a large percentage of high risk sleazebags.

Men who reluctantly say they’ll use a condom when they really want bareback are bad news too, so avoid them also. This type of guy is always hoping you’ll change your mind, maybe get drunk and let him him slide it in “raw.” The thrill for barebackers is “seeding” you. We’ve even experienced a bareback-craving top who seemed to deliberately let the condom come off and pushed it inside with his cock just before he ejaculated. You don’t need that!

The official message is that PrEP should be used with a condom. But hardly any gay men are doing that. It’s being seen as a license to bareback and the stats showing an explosion of sexually Two men -gay coupletransmitted diseases in places such as San Francisco are proof. So be cautious about PrEP users too and suss out how committed any individual on PrEP is to condoms overall.

On one side you have a sewer. The other side of the coin is that by clearly stating that you always fuck safely with a condom, you will tend to attract like-minded men who will be extremely glad to find a kindred spirit and you will move in much healthier circles. You will both have an interest in the condom being used properly and being effective.

The gay (ill)health organisations will never give you this advice. They don’t want to “stigmatise”the disease spreaders who bring in a lot of government funding. By doing this they fail to give you, the more responsible guy, the best advice and put your health at greater risk.

Looking after each other is a beautiful and grown up thing. So shout loudly and proudly that you always use a condom

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